Thinking about contact lenses?

Lens Essentials

You may be surprised at how comfortable, convenient and affordable contact lenses can be. And, just like with eyeglass frames, today there are a wide range of options for contact lenses so you can give your eyes exactly what they need.

What are daily disposable contact lenses?

Daily disposable contact lenses are contact lenses you only wear once. You put them on in the morning, and simply throw them away at night. Every day starts with a fresh, clean, new pair.

Why should I consider DAILIES® brand contact lenses?


  • Refreshing All Day Comfort with Every Blink

All DAILIES® brand contact lenses provide moisture every time you blink, that’s up to 14,000 times per day on average.


Only DAILIES® brand contact lenses moisturize with every blink, right up to the end of your day. And DAILIES® brand contact lenses fit comfortably into your life, too. Just put on a fresh, new pair each morning and dispose of them at night! DAILIES® brand contact lenses are all hassle free with no lens care solutions required. These contact lenses are designed to be convenient for you.

Plus all DAILIES® brand contact lenses are made with an incredibly thin edge for extra comfort and easy insertion.

DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses have a unique moisturizing ingredient that is released from inside the lens, every time you blink. That means your DAILIES® AquaComfort Plus® contact lenses are lubricated continuously, providing outstanding “wettability” for sustained comfort throughout your day. No other contact lens brand has it.


Freedom with a New Lens Feeling Every Day

  • Contacts match everything you wear

  • Lenses don’t slip down your nose

  • No annoying obstructions or reflections are in view

  • Great for sports

  • Can be worn under protective eyewear

  • Travel without having to pack any lens care solution

No hassle, no fuss

  • Every day starts with a brand new pair

  • No lens care solution required

  • All day comfort and all day wear


  • Insert with clean hands

  • Follow instructions from eye care professional

  • Get regular eye exams

Environmentally Challenged

DAILIES® brand contact lenses are a great choice if you:

  • Battle dry office air

  • Live in a dry climate

  • Are a frequent flyer

  • Have seasonal ocular allergies


This all sounds great, but can I afford them?

  • A one-year supply costs about the same as a good pair of eyeglasses.

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With DAILIES® brand contact lenses, caring for your lenses couldn’t be easier. Just pop in a new pair each morning and throw them away at night. No lens care required.

No matter what type of contact lens you have, always be sure to follow your eye care professional's instructions and these simple guidelines.

For more detailed tips on insertion and lens care, please download these step-by-step guides:

How To Apply and Remove Your Contact Lenses

Easy Tips for Basic Lens Care

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